Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Table Voting: A Table for Each Faction

Table voting will be soon! Here you will find all the tables you can vote on. We're looking to make two more for now and many more in the long term.

Each table is themed based on one of the factions for Warmachine or Hordes. You're of course welcome to suggest more ideas. Chances are some of you know a faction more than I do and have tables floating around in your head.

Voting will be held at the first Journeyman League game on Sunday July 14th. Each person who turns up gets to rank the tables in preference order. The two tables with the highest score will be made over the month hopefully ready for the next Siege the Hills game. We'll then save for the next two and vote again and so on until we have enough tables.

If there is a tie for the top spots Eve and I will cast the deciding votes.

The tables we currently have will be restyled to have more faction elements. Specifically The Wasteland will be dedicated to The Protectorate of Menoth and the Winter Forest will become the Khador table. This was the original idea for these two tables but we became rushed and made more generic terrain for them. There will probably be some rebuilding of these tables to bring them up to a higher quality. Although they are pretty good I think we can make them better.

This time we'll do better and make extra terrain in the process for the emergency tables (unfished tables we put scatter terrain on). Anyway, on to the descriptions:

Border fortifications. A semi-permanent war ground on the boarder of Cygnar and occupied Llael. Trenches, fields of barbed wire, fox holes and craters (possibly filled with water). Walls, fences and guard towers. Ammunition dumps, fuel dumps, possibly some tents or camps for soldiers. Overall a brown field with a few spots of blue in the form of flags or tarpulins covering supplies.

The Protectorate of Menoth
Refinery/Drilling for Menoth's Fury. This will be how the current Wasteland table will be restyled. A refinery. Pumpjacks (nodding donkeys) maybe some research here as to how Menoth's Fury is extracted. A small chapel. Road/rail to take supply trains. Loading dock and/or warehouse for refined material.

Logging Village. This will be the Winter Forest table restyled. More fallen trees. Additional housing for the village. A yard for dressing the trees. Some sort of transport road/rail to move the logs out. Possibly a river to float logs down stream?

Haunted Thornwood. Inspired by trees with Spanish moss (aka hanging moss). Spooky horror type forest with twisted trees. Briar/bramble patches. Dark river or lake with reeds lining the banks. Crumbling tower or Orgoth ruin. Mostly dark green and fairly natural with a few Cryxian elements.

Retribution of Scyrah
Retribution war camp. I was unsure what to make for Retribution as they are generally not fighting at home. I read the faction background on the Privateer Press site and decided upon a staging area or war camp for a force moving out to strike some enemy territory or asset. Things to include are tents and camps of soldiers. Temporary workshops used for Myrmidon repair and refuelling. Supply areas stacked with crates of materiel. Pens for draft animals and supply trains.

Ruins of Llael Town/Fortification. A town or fortification in occupied Llael. Ruins of buildings, collapsed walls, resistance posters and propaganda stuck up in the ruins. Cratered areas, hasty defensive barricades now neglected and partially overgrown. This should be showing Llael having lost the battle and afterwards the town was abandoned and torched. Green fields with burnt out shells and crumbling walls.

Convergence of Cyriss
Unknown. I haven't read much about Convergence so this choice will have to wait. We'll be doing something in the future once we know more about Convergence.

Trollblood Kriel. Kriel stone pillars. Huts for dwellings. Stone well. Communal fire/story telling area. General village buildings such as forge, tanner etc. Situated in a forest. Stone area/crags.

Circle Orboros
Summer Glade. Tall trees, sacred stones. Large ritual plinth/dais with runes carved in. Bright summery feel in general. Lake or river passing through. Flowers and sunlight should abound. Yellow/green type colouration.

Slave Camp. Harsh desert environment. Slave pens. Torture/punishment/execution area. Oasis area for important Skorne to live/stay. Tents/sail covered areas. Beast pens. Rocky outcrops and salt flats rather than river/forest. Yellow and brown scheme with red Skorne tents.

Legion of Everblight
Ice Wasteland. Frozen Arctic style area. Ice crevasse, frozen ice pillars, dragon blighted rock formations. Cracked ground/ice sections. Frozen river or lake.

Gator Swamp Village. Swampy areas, rivers and lakes frequent. Wooden/bamboo structures lashed together. Walkways between swampy islands. Totems. Sacrificial area. Primarily dark green/black with water and spongy islands.

Each time we make a table of a particular faction we'll design a new table to be made later. If we get big enough to have a table for each faction we'll then wrap back around and start using the new ideas and get more than one of each faction. I'm not so worried about this yet as it will be quite a bit of growth for that many new tables.

We may also make table specific markers for scenarios and scenario zones but the primary focus will be on the tables and terrain themselves.

Please also note that the above descriptions are rough guidelines. Some elements may well change but this should be enough to vote on the tables you like the most.

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