Sunday, 6 January 2013

Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening has come and gone. Here are some photos from the event. We try to keep it classy.
By The Power of Greyskull!


Group Shot



Winter Forest


Corpse Case

Set Up

Sideline Contemplation

Cryx Vs Skorne

We Blend

Skorne Attack

Do You Want Axe?

He Can Do That Can He?

Khador Cygnar Face Off

Into the Woods

Get 'em Boys

Wall of Iron

Scyrah Faceoff

Still Good!

Trollbloods Vs Protectorate of Menoth

High Five

You Charge That Far?

Wrack Power

El Presidente Pays Attention

Lay Your Bets

Khador Vs Circle

Khador Vs Circle 2

Puppy Power

See This Hill? I Win.

Khador Vs Cygnar

Illustrious President (Plus Consort)

Extra thanks to our club president and all her organisation.

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