Monday, 11 February 2013

Tables: The Wasteland

This is the first in a series about each table we have for Siege the Hills. Want to know more about the terrain you play on?

The Wasteland

The idea is to have a set of unified rules already in place for Siege the Hills owned terrain. This should save you time in discussing it with your opponent and cut short any disputes about what terrain means what game rule.

Linear Obstacles
These are pretty self explanatory. They are treated exactly as detailed in Prime or Primal under Linear Obstacle. They provide Cover as they are made of rock.

Rock Mesa
The Rock Mesa is an Obstacle. It takes extra move to get on to it but is open ground once you're on it. +2 DEF against melee attacks if you're partially obstructed by it. It also will provide Elevation once you're on it. You can take Cover behind it.

Rockfield 1

Rockfield 2
The Rockfields are similar to Forest. They are rough terrain and provide concealment. Normal 3" LoS in to the forest but not through it. The main difference to a real forest is any abilities that relate to Forests. Although it plays like one it isn't an actual Forest. The other difference it is will provide Cover rather than Concealment if you're obscured by the pillars or rock.
The Tower
The Tower is an obstruction plain and simple. It provides cover. You cannot enter or destroy it (even if you really want to).

If you need further explanation of the terrain let me know and I'll update this post. I'll also add to it any time we make more terrain for the table.

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