Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter Special

Greetings Warcaster and Warlocks,

Siege the Hills is putting on an Easter Special for this month, Sunday the 14th of April 2013.

One of our Crazed Warcasters has declared that all shall have chocolate in the form of eggs as it is the best way to transport chocolate at this time. We will also be raffling away more chocolate, the way you enter is just turning up.

Other important notes from the High Hierarch: We will be doing some mock Steamroller games to test the two time systems, Timed Turns and Death Clock. So if you can all bring a 35 point list that would be great. This will be a mock relaxed Steamroller. Heavy on the mock and relaxed, any questions just flick them to us on e-mail or facebook.

Timed Turns page 5, Death Clock page 21. Get the rules for Steamroller from Privateer Press:

First time coming is FREE! That way you can meet the group and see for yourself that our lust for victory is mighty while our jokes are poor.

If you just want to watch we don't mind, just show us a gold coin and we might even give you chocolate too!
Everyone else you know the drill $10, this keeps us running which is something we very much enjoy.
See you on the weekend!

Siege the Hills... Now with Chocolate.

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