Monday, 11 February 2013

Tables: Winter Forest

Want to know more about the terrain you play on?

Winter Forest

The idea is to have a set of unified rules already in place for Siege the Hills owned terrain. This should save you time in discussing it with your opponent and cut short any disputes about what terrain means what game rule.

Linear Obstacles
Linear Obstacles as per the rulebook. Made of stone so you'll get Cover from them.

The Hill provides Elevation when you're on it. It is an Obstacle so you'll spend an extra inch to move up. It provides cover if it is obscuring you.

Forest 1

Forest 2
These are Forest. The trees are removable for easy placement of models. Forest provides Concealment. It will also block LoS more than 3" or through the entire Forest (even if less than 3"). It is rough terrain.
The Cairn is an Obstacle that provides Cover. Note that the base doesn't mean anything in this regard. You need to be obscured by the Cairn itself.

The Hut is also an Obstacle that provides Cover.

As usual direct your questions and I'll keep this updated as the tables develop.

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