Wednesday, 10 September 2014

SY-CO: Sydney Convention

 As some of you are no doubt aware our good friends at The Combat Company are running a convention of fun and wargaming.

SY-CO: Sydney Convention

It's going to be fun. Siege the Hills are going to be running demo games of Warmachine and Hordes, mini tournaments and odd ball pick up participation games.

If you think the idea of Warjacks beating each other up to get beer for their Warcasters, trying out a faction you've never played or just hanging out with a bunch of like minded wargamers and playing everything you can is a good weekend then you've got to come down to SY-CO and see what we're up to.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for some hardcore Steamroller action I suggest you try elsewhere. SY-CO is more of a laid back have some great time playing games type thing rather than a sweat every second and play your best games event. Does this mean it will be uninteresting? Only you can really answer that but I think deep down people like to let off steam and have some fun now and then. Like Drago.

As mentioned above, there will be demo games of both Warmachine and Hordes so if you know someone who might be interested drag them along too. We can always add some more players to the club.

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