Thursday, 9 July 2015

Journeyman League

It is time for another Journeyman League slow grow for Siege the Hills. This is the perfect time to start a new faction, revisit an old faction or start playing Warmachine and Hordes for the first time.

Siege the Hills Journeyman League is run over an eight month period in which participants will slowly add to and paint a force for Warmachine or Hordes. Each month we will play games and score everyone on their victories and defeats. Between each meet up you can earn points by painting models in your army. At the end of the League there will be a winner declared in battles, painting and best overall. All players will get rewards along the way in the form of the Journeyman Patches from Privateer Press. I have heard rumblings there may even be some other prizes.

For those who played in the Journeyman League we started way back in 2013 this one is going to have a few minor differences. Here is the basic schedule:
  • 8th August - TSOM Journeyman Painting Day
  • 20th September - Battegroup Box Only
  • 3rd October - 15 Points with Battlegroup
  • 14th November - 25 Points with Battlegroup
  • 12th December - 25 Points with Battlegroup, 'caster Swap
  • 9th January - 35 Points with Battlegroup, 'caster Swap
  • 6th February - 35 Points Unrestricted
  • 6th March - 35 Point Steamroller
We will be providing score sheets for each player for the games they play. Due to our much extended time schedule the points awarded for battles have been increased to balance them against painting. Winning a game is worth 6 points and losses or draws are worth 4 points. Remember to hand in your score sheets at the end of a Journeyman League event. If you happen to forget you can email a picture of the score sheet to Siege the Hills before the next Monday after the session. If we don't get your score sheet in time your games for that day won't count towards your score.

Painting scoring is remaining the same as the main Journeyman League Rules with the following additions:
  • Painting Mercenaries or Minions that work for your faction count towards your painting score in exactly the same way as in faction models.
  • Wreck Markers count as 1 point regardless of size. Maximum of one wreck per 'jack painted during Journeyman League.
  • Objective Markers count as 1 point. Maximum of two objectives.
Scoring of painting will begin from the start of the TSOM Journeyman Painting Day on the 8th of August. You need to provide pictures to Siege the Hills of models no more completed that assembly and priming. You can either email the pictures to Siege the Hills or bring the unpainted model(s) to a Journeyman Session and ask us to photograph it for you. Models which have not been photographed will not count to your painting score.

I'll also point out here that the Privateer Press Conversion Policy recently changed. The Conversion Policy in the Journeyman League Rules is now out of date. We'll be using the new Conversion Policy.

The Steamroller at the end of Journeyman League will be open to anyone who participated in the League. Your army lists are unrestricted but you must still play the same faction you played during the League.

I've provided some links below to the resources we'll be using:
We will be playing with Steamroller 2015 Scenarios from 15 points onwards. Next year, once Steamroller 2016 is released we will likely change over rule sets. If this happens close to a game we will be waiting to give people a month to read up and prepare for the changes. More information will be provided when this actually happens.

Finally, I would like people to let us know if they are coming as soon as possible. We are going to be ordering the Patches from Privateer Press and don't want to run out. It would be nice to know how many we should get.

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